Born Fighters in a nut shell!!!!!

Born fighters is a revisit to junior high where you came across unique individuals that who simple likes to mind their own business and if antagonized will retaliate. There are 9 characters in the game. Out of 9, only 2 are weapon-based characters. The game was created with the thought in mind to not make another street fighter but a very stylized semi-realistic type of game which plays and depicts moves with an anime styled feel of a bonafide fighting game. The game has the potential to have a vast array of characters, simply try to think back to when you were in junior or high school and the multitude of individuals that you passed every day. What I can truly say I enjoy about the game is the limitless growth in character possibility, of course to do every single character would simply be overkill. Born Fighters besides being an indie product, is a labor which was handled with care in all it design and creation process which will eventually have characters for everyone with their own unique story.

Characters and their Features

Lina – a skate boarder who is not afraid to use her skate board as a weapon.

Kendall – a street boxer with hopes, of to one-day becoming a professional boxer.

Lu – an athletic individual who does not specialize in any specific style or form.

Ricky – A taekwondo practitioner and an upperclassman of his junior high.

Nikame – Her fighting style is the praying mantis. Unlike her brother Lu, she is very quiet.

Pudge – practices the art of karate/judo and is the largest and one of the fastest characters.

Lynt – very skilled with her jump rope and is a part of the jump rope club at the school.

Unit1 (Dracones Kael) – believes he is a ninja and has studied the art of ninjitsu and juditsu.

The essence for Bornfighters is to be a creative and fun submergence into a world that we all experience sometime in our lives which is school. It will not be a difficult to understand game, it is built on a relatively simply to understand set of key commands. The basics moves or actions consist of three punches and three kicks for both kneeling and standing states, movement back and forth, along with a block and lunge attack. Aside from your basic moves you also have a special or final attack action, which is only triggered when you are close to being knocked unconscious.

There are currently eight unique children at a school with each having their own story to tell. The setting being a school emulates a school atmosphere, the same will be said for the music and jokes that will be integrated in the levels. The intended background music will be pop and jazzy. Other examples would be children laughing or simply hall room chatter or even lunchroom chatter. The sparring matches depictions will occur as a daydream or imagination, where the characters spar their rivals in their mind, Thus, the sparring will occur in each character’s thoughts much like an imagination.

The Game consists of 4 game play modes. Story, Arcade, Multiplayer-internet play, Versus, Training and Demo.

The Story mode explains the relationships between the characters and drives the story and intricacy of the intertwining lives of the characters.

Arcade mode is simply a mode that does not rely on story but simply a sparring match to the end of roughly 8 bouts.

Internet or simply net play allows the player to compete against other players who have an Internet connection.

Versus Mode allows the player to play against a second player without the need of Internet connection.

Training mode allows the player to practice against a dummy character to understand how to utilize each character.

Demo Mode is similar to Arcade except the player has no control over the character nor the selection process, the player is simply an observer of a match between two Artificially controlled characters.

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